Travel Pictures #13
Travel Pictures #13 - Kandy, Sri Lanka - Mar 2012

by Colin Reilly

The town of Kandy lies in the heart of Sri Lanka, it is the location of one of the countries most important temples, the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic, which houses a tooth of the Buddha. It is also famous for its parade the Esala Perahera. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to visit during the parade but I did see a dance performance at the Kandy Lake Club which is located near the lake in central Kandy.

The dancers performed a selection of traditional Sinhalese dances before the final act of the night which was a combination of fire eating and walking on hoat coals, the lights were dimmed for this last act for additional dramatic effect!



Dancers in traditional costume and below one of the senior dancers performs a routine with spinning bowls.



Fire, taste like chicken.
Fire, taste like chicken.
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