Travel Pictures #16
Travel Pictures #16 - Darjeeling, India - Oct 2018

by Colin Reilly

Constructed between 1879 and 1881 the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway connects the plains of Bengal with the tea plantantions and the hill station of Darjeeling. The railway is a 2ft narrow gauge, it travels 88km from New Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling with a climb of over 2,000m.



The images above shows locomotive 802 “Whistle Queen” preparing to haul a tourist train from Darjeeling to Ghum, the highest point on the line.

The line still runs several steam haul trains per day, although these are purely for tourists. As the train passes through towns on the climb up the mountain it winds its way through narrow streets, right past shop stalls and people’s front doors. There are several loops in the line where the track curves around and over its self in order smooth out the gradients. The 0-4-0 B Class steam trains that still run on the line were originally constructed in Glasgow.

The railway is a UNESCO World Heritage Sight.

A train passes through the narrow streets on the outskirts of Darjeeling
A train passes through the narrow streets on the outskirts of Darjeeling
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