Travel Pictures #21
Travel Pictures #21 - Tbilisi, Georgia - Dec 2011

by Colin Reilly

I started a new job working in Baku, Azerbaijan in late 2011 and due to a delay in my work permit I had to go on a visa run to Georgia. The plan had originally been just to fly in and out in a day but fortunately I manage to arrange it so that i could stay for a couple of days and take the chance to look around.

It was mid December so the weather was bitterly cold but I really loved walking around the ramshackle old town full of old churches and tumble-down house with wonky balconies, there is a real charm to the place, not to mention the fact that the food is delicious. I took this picture from the balcony of the restaurant I had dinner in on the second night. I’d just stuffed my face with a wonderfully filling and comforting kachapuri, which is in effect a bread boat filled with hot cheese and topped with a baked egg. In the foreground is the Metekhi St Virgin Church and behind is the Narikala Fortress, to the right the Soviet era Mother of Georgia Statue.

Sunset in Tbilisi
Sunset in Tbilisi
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